Yucatan R.A.V.E. – Bound for Cozumel

Now that our Toft Photo Jaguars and Pantanal Brazil Workshop and Optional Pre-or-Post Trip Extension to Piaui is open for registration (hurry, this trip is expected to sell out quickly due to limited space and lodge availability), I am able to concentrate on my upcoming ILCP RAVE to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

I will spend the later part of September in Cozumel, which is off the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, photographing endemics unique to the area. A surprising number of organisms are endemic to this region. Among animals, the Yucatan’s reptiles and amphibians are particularly rich in endemics. For endemic birds, Cozumel Island is especially notable because it is home to three unique species: the Cozumel Emerald hummingbird, the Cozumel Vireo and the Cozumel Thrasher. Incidentally, the Cozumel Thrasher is categorized as critically endangered as very few are thought to exist, due in large part to Hurricane Gilbert that slammed the island in September 1988.

For more information on the International League of Conservation Photographers R.A.V.E. (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition) Yucatan or other expeditions, please visit the ILCP.