Roy Toft Photo Tours and Safari Videos


2013 — Roy Toft once again joins forces with Piper & Heath Travel to put together the best Botswana photo safari. Professional photog­ra­phers love this safari and the images they return home with are incred­ible.

2013 — A short clip of pack of lions walking past our 4x4 truck on the 2013 Toft Photo Botswana Wildlife Photo Tour.


2011 — Roy Toft, along with a few of his work­shop partic­i­pants, describe their expe­ri­ences on this Toft Photo Safari Video of the March 2011 Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour.

2009 Toft Jaguar Photo Tour

2009 — Roy Toft of Toft Photo Safaris on loca­tion in Buraco das Araras, Brazil looking for Blue-fronted Amazon parrots.

2010 Toft Photo Tours to Piaui, Brazil — Brown Tufted Capuchin monkeys using stone tools to crack open palm nuts.


2014 — Welcome to the Osa with Roy Toft on Rainforests of Costa Rica photo work­shop.

2011 — Roy Toft, along with a few of his photo partic­i­pants, describe their expe­ri­ences on these Toft Photo Safari videos of the wildly popular Rainforests of Costa Rica Photo Workshops.

2012 — Macro photog­raphy of Leaf-Cutter Ants during Rainforests of Costa Rica photo work­shop

Roy Toft

Penguins of South Georgia — In this Toft Photo video, Roy is on loca­tion in Fortuna Bay, South Georgia Island photographing King penguins (Aptenodytes patag­o­nicus).

In this 2009 Tamron video, Roy Toft demon­strates tech­niques on how to shoot macro photog­raphy using the Tamron 60mm, 90mm and 180mm lenses.

In this 2009 Tamron podcast video, Roy Toft photographs tortoises to demon­strate the Tamron 28–300mm VC lens.

Pancho the singing parrot, Lola, and Joe with Roy Toft on the short lived Chevy Chase Show.