Photographing Pumas in 2016

Puma Quest

My recent scouting trip to Torres Del Paine NP in Chile was a complete success. Our primary photo query was the magnificent Puma or Mountain Lion. To follow and photograph these spectacular cats on foot was a dream come true. We saw several mothers with cubs, large male on a kill, and two ridiculously habituated sisters at close range. The scenery in this park and surrounding area was breathtaking! One of the most important factors for our success was the ability to work on a huge private ranch connected to the park and to employ talented local guides. This allowed us to follow the Pumas and not be held to recent park restrictions regarding walking off trail in the National Park.

I am planning on leading a small photography tour group (8 max) on another “Puma Quest” in April of 2016. The physical fitness level needed for this trip is high. We commonly walk 2-3 miles per day carrying all camera gear and endure cold temperatures and high winds. The dates and cost will be coming soon. Please email if you have interest in joining this Puma Photography trip for 2016!