Recent Trip Report: 2017 Jags of Brazil Photo Tour

2017 Jaguars of Brazil Trip Report

I’ll keep this recent trips descrip­tion short and sweet by letting the images do my talking! This was my ninth year coming to the diverse Pantanal region of Brazil. Rarely do you see a desti­na­tion get better over time, but that is certainly the case here. The wildlife and ability to photo­graph it have continued to improve over the years as animals become more habit­u­ated to tourists and photog­ra­phers.

We have three gener­a­tions of Jaguars along these rivers now whom have grown up with boats following and watching them…they just don’t care! I continue to find the majority of guides and boat drivers to be very respectful with regard to approach distance and miti­gating distur­bance while observing these cats. This last part is extremely impor­tant as it is the total expe­ri­ence and not just getting a good Jaguar image which is the most impor­tant thing for me!

So nuts and bolts…20 different Jaguars and 45 sighting of Jaguars during 7 days on the river! Those numbers are stag­gering! This was by far the most produc­tive year we’ve had for Jaguars. The majority of our sighting were also cats doing cool things like walking along the river, swim­ming, hunting, mating, and climbing trees! We had five different pairs of breeding Jags this year which makes me think of my Aug. 2018 trip which will likely provide several females with cubs along the river!

Many times during this year’s trip we left one Jag sighting to go see another Jag 5 or 10 minutes down the river. At one point we had a Jag on the river bank stalking Capybara and directly across the river was another Jag! “Which Jag do you want to watch” was a discus­sion I needed to have with my driver and clients! That’s a great deci­sion to be stuck with.

Beyond the great Jaguar viewing, we had our usual wonderful and diverse Pantanal fauna to expe­ri­ence and photo­graph including: Hyacinth Macaws, Giant River Otters, Caiman, Kingfishers, Storks, Herons, Hawks, Egrets, Tapir, Ocelot, and more birds.

For my 2018 Pantanal Photo tour we will continue the schedule we did this year which is 2 nights at our South Pantanal Lodge and 7 nights in Jaguar Land. This is 2 extra days photographing Jaguars than other photo tour compa­nies!